How to Submit a Thursday Notice

If you would like to publish announcements in the Thursday Notice, please email by 5pm Tuesday evening of the week you would like to be published.

Please use these guidelines when submitting:

  1. Email your text to
  2. Write your submission in text format within your email. No Word documents are necessary unless there is an accompanying flyer or form.
  3. Please limit the amount of text. Simplify as much as possible!
  4. Double-check email and web addresses AND write them out fully. Example: instead of “email Joe Leopard” write “email Joe Leopard at“
  5. If you are running a submission over several weeks, please submit EACH WEEK to ensure that your information is included.

Remember: Thursday Notices are for PTO announcements that are relevant to the school community at Loring. If you have questions on what can be submitted, email

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