Happy Summer, Loring!

6/12/2024 2:30 pm

And that’s a wrap on the 2023-2024 school year!

As my two year term as Co-Chair of the Loring PTO comes to a close and I write my 38th and final newsletter, I would like to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful families and staff for their tireless efforts to make Loring the amazing school that it is.  Our volunteers and staff truly go above and beyond to enrich our students’ education and experience at Loring.

As you read in yesterday's email, we have accomplished so much together over the past year!  I won’t repeat it all here (I’m sure you’ve all had time to thoroughly digest our latest e-blast, right?), but we planned and funded 26 creative enrichment programs, 10 staff appreciation events, eight community events, six hospitality events, extensive classroom support in the form of books, activities, seating and supplies, plus so much more.  (Seriously, read yesterday’s email - it’s impressive what we were able to achieve together!)  Your support is what keeps our PTO rolling along year after year, whether you volunteered your time, supported our fundraisers or just attended our events with your children.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

As I finish up my 9th year as a Loring parent, I’m just as impressed by the PTO’s impact on the Loring community as I was in the fall of 2015.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such a dedicated team of women over the past two years.  I would like to especially thank this year's Executive Board for all their hard work and support.  As co-chair, Melissa Perla jumped right in and served as a sounding board all year.  Cate Kashem is finishing her tenure as Treasurer, and her thoughtful input was always appreciated.  Sharon Brady, our Secretary, always pitched in to help wherever she was needed.  Heather Larson served as Assistant Treasurer and will take the Co-Chair role next year.  Sergey Zinger and Michael Landberg will round out the Board as Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, respectively.  Thank you both for stepping right in!

Our events and initiatives would not be possible without the support of Loring’s staff.  Thank you to Paula Saliga and Vicki Harrington for helping out with everything that we do; Shawn Maguire and Susie Trubiani, the absolute best custodial team we could ask for; and all of the teachers and staff, who dedicate each and every day to educating and enriching our kids.  And, last but not least, thank you to Sara Harvey and David Gaita for their partnership, collaboration, and tireless support of the PTO.

While I am definitely looking forward to my “retirement” from the Board, my feelings are bittersweet as I transition back to my other, less time-intensive coordinator roles.  (Please, no one tell my husband, but I’ll be back next year to help plan Leopardfest and, let’s be honest, probably volunteer in a myriad of other ways.)  I will miss working so closely with fellow parents and staff members, but I know that Melissa, Heather, Sharon, Sergey and Michael will bring us a pawsome 2024-2025 school year! 

Have a wonderful summer, everyone!


Anne Devine, Loring PTO Co-Chair

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