Introducing Your 2024-2025 Executive Board

7/1/2024 10:39 am

At our general meeting last night, we voted in new officers for 2024-2025. Without further ado, the Executive Board next year will be:

Melissa Perla, Co-chair

TBD, Co-chair

Heather Larson, Treasurer

Michael Landberg, Assistant Treasurer

Sharon Brady, Secretary

Thank you to these pawsome PTO members for volunteering for these roles!

The success and breadth of our PTO initiatives, including creative enrichment programing, staff stipends, community events, and much more, is directly related to the efforts of our executive board.  It's vital that the co-chair role is filled by the start of the next school year for the PTO to maintain our current level of engagement. 

Please email if you are interested in learning more about the co-chair position.

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