PTO Check Requests

11/29/2023 10:51 am

HUGE thank you to all the parents and staff who have submitted reimbursement requests this year. We really appreciate all the hard work everyone is putting in! This is a friendly reminder from the PTO treasurers regarding reimbursement and check requests:

1. Please submit your receipts as either .pdf, .jpg or .png.
2. If at all possible, please consolidate your receipts into 1-3 documents so that you can submit one check request that combines multiple items. You can photograph multiple receipts at once or use this online tool to convert multiple jpg files to one pdf.
3. The forms work best from a personal computer or phone (beware of work firewalls).
4. Make sure to click "I'm finished with this form and am ready to submit it".
5. Please allow at least two weeks for your check to be mailed. If you need it sooner, please email

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