Happy Summer, Loring!

6/15/2022 10:50 pm

I know I find myself saying this every June, but I cannot believe we are at the end of the year! Time sure seemed to speed up quickly this spring.

As I reflect on this school year, I think it's safe to say that we all returned in September hopeful. Hopeful that we were coming back full-time and would stay that way. Hopeful that we'd be able to bring back beloved Loring traditions and some normalcy for our children, families, and our teachers. Hopeful that we would all stay healthy and safe.

This community will never cease to amaze me. We kept that hope - we supported each other, our teachers and staff, and our students. We supported our extended community. We were patient for our pawsome new playground, and we had fun together! I am so happy and proud to say that we brought Creative Enrichment, Leopardfest, Science Fair, Parents' Night Out/Auction, and Fun Run back this year amidst so many lingering unknowns as we returned in the fall. I was blown away by the generosity shown by our community at the auction, and especially at the Fun Run (over $19,000 raised!). We have shown that we want to come back together as a community after so long, and I am so confident that we will continue to build on that goal in the coming school year.


I am so proud of the team of amazing women who made up our Executive PTO Board this year. Thank you to all of you for an incredibly successful year! Thank you to my co-chair, Crystal Pike, for being the best teammate and source of support. I'm not sure I know many people who could handle the level of chaos in life with such grace and humility, all while giving so much of your time to our school! I could never come close to keeping track of the many hats that you wear on any given day. We are so lucky to have you on our board, and I'm so excited to see what next year brings!

Thank you to Rachel Heckler for coming back to the board as Treasurer for this year. You have done more than your fair share for Loring for countless years and in countless ways, so this was an extra special bonus year for us! Loring is so lucky to have you around, always making things happen to improve our school and our children's education! Our financials have never been in better order - thank you for your unwavering commitment! We truly appreciate all of the time you dedicated to the Exec Board this year!

Thank you to Dana Reese, our Assistant treasurer. Your dedication to this role has been amazing despite it being out of your comfort zone. You are constantly wanting to learn and to support the team in any way necessary. You volunteered for just about everything (even though your board membership is more than enough!) and we are so appreciative! You and our new incoming Assistant treasurer, Cate Kashem, will make yet another incredible team! Thank you both!

Finally, Thank you to Amy Kohen, our Secretary. Your role may say secretary, but we all know that you do so much more, always. Not only did you keep us in order, but you ran the Birthday Book Club, were a Room Parent, helped plan and execute the Parents' Night Out/Auction, and the list goes on! Your hand is often the first raised for just about anything. Thank you for keeping us on track and for being such a wonderful teammate.


As I mentioned how patient we were for our new playground, we have 2 PAWSOME and patient Loring parents who deserve a HUGE THANK YOU for making it all happen. Anne Devine and Rachel Heckler spent countless hours on the design and coordination of the playground - and it shows! We all LOVE it and want to thank you so very much for all that you did to make it happen! It was worth all the supply chain issues! You both have and continue to do so much for Loring. Thank you!


I'd be remiss to not mention a few of our special parents who have done so much for our school over the years but are closing out their time at Loring. Jen Morrissey (teacher appreciation week), Joy Aldrich (school beautification), and Angela Lee (yearbook editor) - thank you for all that you've done over the years - we will certainly miss you!


As I've said to many - the PTO is truly a partnership between us (the parents), and the staff at Loring. We wouldn't be able to do much of anything without the support of the front office staff - Paula Saliga and Tara DiBona. They have been so accommodating and instrumental in making our enrichment programs, staff appreciation, communication, and everything under the sun, possible! Shawn Maguire and Susie Trubiani are without a doubt the best custodian team there is! They not only keep our building clean and safe for our kids, but they have been at every event that we held this year, always so incredibly helpful and with a smile on their faces. Thank you to all of our teachers and staff for being so truly amazing throughout the year. And last but not least, Sara Harvey and David Gaita have been such wonderful teammates and leaders. We are so grateful for your support, your insight and guidance, and your time.

It has been a pleasure working with you all these past 2 years!


It's bittersweet to leave this position, but I am so excited to see what Crystal and our incoming co-chair, Anne Devine, have in store for next year! They will make an amazing team! Thank you both for your commitment to Loring, and best of luck!


Have a wonderful, safe and healthy summer, everyone!



Katie Riordan, Loring PTO Co-chair



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