Help Wanted!

5/11/2022 6:35 pm

Can you help us spread the word?!


The PTO is looking to form a Communications committee to start in August 2022. The committee would have three roles (some of which can be shared between multiple people if desired). We already have one volunteers we are just looking for 1-2 more! Here are some details:

  • Website and Membership ToolKit Updates: Help keep our website updated! No HTML or special knowledge is necessary. The platform for our website is very user friendly and has a lot of built in tutorials/help.
  • Directory: Help update our super handy directory that we all rely on to find emails and contact info for our kids peers. Again here there is no special knowledge necessary, just the ability to manage the updates, which are particularly focused in the August/September time frame.
  • Sales/Forms: Help create sales forms and registration forms for various PTO events and initiatives. These are done through Membership ToolKit and is another task that can be done from the comfort of anywhere with a glass of [[insert favorite beverage here]]!

This is a great opportunity to work with a few friends or get to know others. All of this can be done remotely at hours of your choosing. And best of all is that our current Web/Directory/Sales Coordinator, Deb Cooley, will be alongside the committee next year to show you the ropes.


We can't wait to chat about this role with you! If you are interested, please email Crystal or Katie at


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