Food Pantry Fridays

Once a month, we ask Loring Families to consider bringing in food to donate to the Sudbury Food Pantry. Each month there is a different theme for the students to dress up and wear that day to show their spirit.  Check this page each month for the theme and the most needed items!


  • September 15th
  • October 13th
  • November 17th
  • December 15th
  • January 19th
  • February 9th
  • March 16th
  • April 13th
  • May 18th
  • June 8th


We need brown paper bags again!

Our Most requested items in June were:

  • Cereal (hot and cold)
  • Canned Soup (except Tomato and Chicken Noodle). Preference for Cream of mushroom soup, Progresso, Campbell’s Chunky, Healthy Choice
  • Pasta: All types, Except Whole wheat. Some lasagna noodles would be nice.
  • Veggies: Canned beets, spinach, asparagus, corn, mixed veggies, potatoes, yams. BUT Please NO green beans or carrots this month
  • Canned Beans — ALL types: baked beans, pinto beans, red kidney beans, great northern beans, cannellini beans, black beans, garbanzo beans.
  • Baking/Dessert products, Cake & Brownie & Muffin & fruity Bread Mixes (like banana bread, Jell-O, Jiffy mixes, olive or vegetable oil
  • Household Items: Plastic sandwich bags!!! LIQUID hand soap & dish soap; aluminum foil & saran wrap
  • Condiments (particularly mayo, ketchup, salad dressings pickles, olives, salsa etc.)
  • Flavored rice (like Near East), and other packaged side dishes
  • Tuna, Salmon, Sardines
  • Coffee/tea/instant cocoa mix
  • Canned Fruit — PEACHES, pineapple, mandarin oranges, apricots, pears
  • Canned Tomato products
    • Spaghetti and/or Tomato Sauce (particularly jars)
    • Tomato Paste !!
    • Stewed Tomatoes
    • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Packaged Snack items (cookies, crackers pretzels, granola bars etc.)
  • Boxed macaroni & cheese
  • Baby Food: Cereal, Wipes & Diapers & stage 1 & 2 Fruit food
  • Peanut Butter — particularly chunky or honey roast! and assorted flavors Jams and Jellies (except grape)
  • Beef and chicken gravy.