Box Tops for Education

Loring participates in the Box Tops for Education™ program.  Clipping Box Tops is an easy way for you to help our school buy what it needs.  Box Tops are each worth 10¢ and they quickly add up to real cash for our school.  

Box Tops for Education™ is one of the nation’s largest programs that helps schools.  Did you know that Loring can earn up to $20,000 per year simply by collecting Box Tops?  To help our school, just look for pink Box Tops on products, clip them, and send them to school.  

Here’s what a Box Top looks like:


Here’s how it works:

  1. Find Box Tops on hundreds of products such as General Mills, Hanes®, Hefty®, Ziploc® and more!  Here is a link to all products with Box Tops:
  2.  Cut the Box Top from each package.
  3.  Send your Box Tops to school with your child in a Ziploc bag or envelope marked with your child’s name and teacher.   The collection box is next to the door to the main office, between the office and the front door.   Every month, the class that collects the most Box Tops will earn an extra recess!
  4.  We count and mail them in to earn cash for our school – Box Tops are worth 10¢ each!

To make collecting fun for kids, there are collection sheets that you can download and print. Or, feel free to use a plastic bag or envelope! If your family is not participating, give it a try. Chances are you’re throwing away box tops without even knowing it.

Please encourage your kids to get involved!

Please contact Brie Patch if you have any questions!